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Belt type drug packaging and automatic drug dispenser

patent name belt type drug packaging and automatic drug dispenser patent applicant zhouweizhong main applicant address: 3006, No. 6, Huiwen Second Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510160 inventor zhouweizhong; Koncada application (patent) No 7. Application date: April 30, 2003 certification date: Approval Announcement No.: Approval announcement date: November 3, 2004 instruction CD No.: d0444 main classification No.: b65b15/04 classification No.: b65b15/04; B65B5/08; The abstract of priority item of the original application No. of b65d75/34 division is a belt type drug packaging and automatic drug dispensing machine, which is characterized in that the drug packaging is made into a continuous belt type, the drugs are packed in a certain interval of recesses, and the surface is covered with a strippable continuous soft belt; Under the control of the computer command, the medicine dispenser drives the stepping mechanism to drive the above medicine belt to travel the corresponding number of grids. The soft belt is peeled off from the medicine belt surface under the drive of the winder. The medicine falls out of the recess and falls into the collection box on the conveyor belt. The medicine is sent to the bag under the movement of the conveyor belt to understand the packing mechanism and complete the medicine dispensing process. Claim 1. A belt type drug packaging, which is composed of a continuous belt type packaging drug belt and its recesses equidistant arranged on it for loading drugs, is characterized by overload protection after the recesses are put into the drugs, and the surface of the drug belt is sealed with a layer of strippable continuous soft belt

Zhongwang also participated in the optimization design of component structure, material experiment, 2D drawing, section improvement, sample vehicle trial production, etc

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