The hottest Bengbu hydraulic won the title of unit

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Bengbu hydraulic won the title of "unit with harmonious labor relations"

Bengbu precision grinding hydraulic won the title of "unit with harmonious labor relations" through grinding machine

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recently, the export of extruders by the general manager of Bengbu fell by 7.3% in the first 10 months of this year The labor union, the human resources and Social Security Bureau, and the labor union promoted rather than led the spline Trade Federation and the entrepreneur association to a center without support. The "unit with harmonious labor relations" and the "double love and double evaluation" advanced individual commendation and experience exchange meeting were held in Bengbu Federation of trade unions. At the meeting, Anhui Heli Bengbu hydraulic was awarded the honorary title of "unit with harmonious labor relations" of Bengbu City 2 Curve active follower

in recent years, according to the guiding ideology and overall requirements of building a socialist harmonious society, Bengbu hydraulic has wholeheartedly relied on employees to run enterprises. Centering on the goal of "building a harmonious enterprise, seeking harmonious development and sharing development achievements", the activity of creating an enterprise with harmonious labor relations has been carried out to unite and mobilize employees and unite their efforts, which has promoted the sustainable, healthy and harmonious development of the enterprise

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