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Guangdong market supervision bureau spot checked 19 toy plasticizers exceeding the standard

, but recently, Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration issued a notice on the spot check and inspection of the 2018 toy commodity quality in the circulation field, which is different from the material tensile testing machine. The reinforcement mechanical connection deformation measuring instrument is developed in accordance with the industrial standard of the people's Republic of China jgj107 (2) 010 (filing No. j986 (2) 010) - Technical Regulations for reinforcement mechanical connection. This spot check and inspection determined that the supervision of 44 toys was generally unqualified. The main issues involved are: mechanical physical properties, chemical properties, identification and instructions for use

economy - low industry concentration these problems China's economy found in the announcement that a total of 28 toy commodities were unqualified in mechanical and physical properties, 19 toy commodities were unqualified in chemical properties, and 4 toy commodities were unqualified in marks and instructions for use

mechanical physical properties: there are 9 categories of unqualified mechanical physical properties, including foreseeable reasonable abuse, materials (expansive materials), small parts, extruded toys, rattles and similar toys, small balls, tips, protrusions, round holes on rigid materials, and gaps between moving parts

chemical properties: chemical properties include plasticizers and migration of specific elements

in accordance with the product quality law and other relevant laws and regulations, market supervision departments at all levels in Guangdong Province have imposed administrative penalties on sellers of unqualified goods. At the same time, they will take a number of measures to urge sellers across the province to delist unqualified goods with the same nominal trademark and the same model, and return toy goods that have been sold according to consumer requirements. The market supervision department will investigate and deal with those who fail to take measures to stop selling unqualified goods and return goods according to the requirements of consumers

plasticizer is a kind of molecular material additive that needs to be cooled in a high refrigeration system. It has a wide variety and is mostly used in plastic processing (especially PVC plastic), which can enhance the flexibility of plastic. However, plasticizer also has great potential safety hazards:

plasticizer is an environmental hormone. Because infants have the characteristics of putting toys into their mouths, the plasticizer in toys exceeds the standard, which is easy to cause abnormal hormone secretion in infants, Cause hormone imbalance, which may lead to precocious puberty in children and affect the reproductive system

in addition, plasticizers have a great risk of cardiovascular disease in adults, as well as great damage to the liver and urinary system

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