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Shenzhen spot check: 27 batches of coating and adhesive products are unqualified

Shenzhen spot check: 27 batches of coating and adhesive products are unqualified

December 21, 2016

[China coating information]

from the introduction of more than 10 logistics companies such as sea, land and air dedicated lines and Shanghai Xinyue logistics, Yifan logistics, Xianfeng logistics, the officials of Shenzhen municipal market and quality supervision and Management Commission learned that in the third quarter of 2016, Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration organized special supervision and spot check on the product quality of building decoration coatings and adhesives produced and sold in Shenzhen. A total of 329 batches of products produced and sold by 66 enterprises were spot checked, and 302 batches were qualified

according to the quality indicators and requirements specified in the special zone technical specifications of szjg "limits of harmful substances in architectural decoration coatings and adhesives", this spot check is conducted on 7 items of architectural decoration coating products, including total volatile organic compounds, benzene, toluene, xylene, sum of ethylbenzene, free formaldehyde, halogenated hydrocarbons, soluble heavy metals; The total volatile organic compounds, benzene and toluene of adhesive products + 8 items such as xylene, dichloromethane and free formaldehyde were tested for this entrepreneurial difficulty

it is found from the list of unqualified products released this time that the nominal production enterprises involve Foshan Nanhai Xili Chemical Co., Ltd. (6 batches), zhanchen New Materials Group Co., Ltd. (1 batch), Shenzhen ronghua chemical building materials Co., Ltd. (1 batch), Meida chemical coating Co., Ltd. (6 batches), Dongguan Guoxi Industrial Co., Ltd. (1 batch), Shenzhen DAHAO building materials Co., Ltd. (3 batches) Guangzhou Chaobai Chemical Co., Ltd. (1 batch), Foshan Nanhai Hongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. (1 batch), Foshan Nanhai nuoyou decorative materials factory (1 batch), Shenzhen Da'an building waterproof Co., Ltd. (1 batch), Guangxi Nanning Lide Chemical Co., Ltd. (1 batch), Foshan Guangfu link: listed new chemical materials Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. (1 batch) Foshan naris viscose Co., Ltd. (1 batch), Foshan naris decorative materials Co., Ltd. (these machines are made in 1 batch by some small workshops), Guangzhou Jiadun Trading Co., Ltd. (1 batch). Unqualified items mainly include total volatile organic compounds, benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, free formaldehyde, soluble heavy metals (lead), etc

for the unqualified products found in the random inspection, Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau has dealt with them according to the provisions of laws and regulations such as the product quality law and the regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on product quality management

here, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision administration reminds consumers to pay attention to whether the product is accompanied by the use instructions (i.e. product logo) marked in Chinese when purchasing, and try not to buy products without use instructions or incomplete use instructions, so as to protect their due rights and interests

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