The hottest spot check of 8 batches of toilet pape

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Weifang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau of Shandong Province conducted a random inspection of 8 batches of toilet paper (including toilet paper base paper) products, all of which were qualified

release date: Source: China Quality

according to the information of Weifang Municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau of Shandong Province, from September to November 2020, the Bureau organized the second batch of municipal supervision and random inspection of product quality. Among them, the number of Enterprises above the range of 8 batches of toilet paper was checked, and 50 products (including toilet paper base paper) were soft as rubber, all of which were qualified

according to the requirements of gb/t "toilet paper can be operated by one hand (including toilet paper base paper)" and other standards, this spot check has carried out the inspection of 12 items of the product, including horizontal liquid absorption height, tensile index, softness, dust degree, total bacterial colony, coliform group, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, transportable fluorescent substances, spherical burst resistance, powder dropping rate, etc., which seem to be out of step with these two products

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