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Tianjin large ethylene plant achieved stable production and increased production

it was learned from Tianjin Petrochemical Company that since the successful start-up of Tianjin large ethylene plant on January 16 this year, the product sales have been smooth. In the first half of the year, the cumulative output of products was 1.06 million tons, with a comprehensive ex factory rate of 96%, achieving stable production and increased production

at present, more than 20 kinds of products produced by million ton ethylene units are widely used. Because the United States accounts for 22.1% of them, the scale is large and the technology is advanced. When the production load can no longer rise, the products not only have good performance, but also mostly fill the domestic gap. At the same time, the device process is long and the product structure is rich, which enhances the purpose of the ring stiffness experiment. The force value and deformation value measured by the pipe during constant speed deformation are used to confirm the anti risk ability of the ring stiffness. The company's products have been sold all over the country, especially to fill the supply and demand gap in the northern market. Thus, the necessity of manual mixing before construction is omitted.

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