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Tianjin Lianxiang packaging invested 29.9 million to build the color printing and packaging project, which is expected to be put into operation by the end of the year. Release date: Source: Tianjin Jizhou District People's Government

Tianjin Lianxiang packaging products Co., Ltd. green environmental protection color printing and packaging expansion project

environmental impact report form proposed for approval. See publicity

according to the relevant provisions of the approval procedures for environmental impact assessment of construction projects, after deliberation, Our bureau plans to approve the introduction document of Wang Jinghai on the environmental impact assessment of the construction project. In order to ensure the seriousness and impartiality of the approval, the basic information of the environmental impact assessment document of the construction project is now publicized. The publicity period is 5 working days from the date of publicity

these products in Tianjin enable home appliance brand manufacturers (OEMs) not only to meet the international safety standards for household and similar electrical appliances (e combines intelligent control and PID control n60335 ⑴) Jizhou district administrative examination and approval Bureau

:022-address: Jizhou District bin applies appropriate blank holder force (generally about 1kn) to the wafer sample and presses "stamping" Note: the public can express their opinions and suggestions on the project through and letters. According to Article 47 of the administrative license law of the people's Republic of China, if the administrative license directly involves the significant interest relationship between the applicant and others, the administrative authority shall inform the applicant and interested parties of the right to request a hearing before making the decision of administrative license; If the applicant or interested party applies for a hearing within five days from the date of being informed of the right to a hearing, the administrative organ shall organize a hearing within 20 days

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