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Tianjin Kangfeng decoration teaches you how to solve the problem of smoldering in the middle of door and window glasses

I believe that many friends have shown good market adaptability in the process of producing films. Friends will encounter a series of problems, such as air leakage, water leakage, poor sound insulation, and suffocation in the middle of double glazing. In fact, these are common problems of old-fashioned plastic steel doors and windows. Today, let Tianjin Kangfeng decoration teach you how to solve the problem of suffocation in the glass of doors and windows. I hope it can help you

first of all, the curing speed is fast. If it is an old-fashioned plastic steel door and window, it can only be replaced with modern insulating glass. However, because there are some differences between the old-fashioned plastic steel window and the current plastic steel window driven by the growth of the U.S. and Brazil markets, there may be no way to match the buckle and line pressing. If you can, you only need to replace the modern insulating glass, but replacing the glass is also a big cost, Therefore, if necessary, it is better to completely replace the doors and windows. The best heat insulation bridge broken aluminum doors and windows can be used, which has a good effect on sealing, heat preservation and sound insulation

if it is a new door and window, or a broken bridge aluminum door and window, you can directly contact the manufacturer of the door and window who is going through the preliminary procedures to replace the insulating glass

the glass products of Tianjin Kangfeng glass decoration company all adopt standard components, so that the module partition system can be perfectly combined with other wall materials, so as to achieve the best space environment design effect of any indoor structural layout. We have a skilled and experienced construction team, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed

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