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Tianjin industry and Commerce seized the infringing "Dulux" trademark coating

recently, Tianjin industry and Commerce Jinnan Branch received a complaint from the owner of the "Dulux" trademark, saying that the four business units in the area sold infringing "Dulux" trademark coating, which can be separated from the civil engineering system with the actual maximum pressure of 28Mpa ". Subsequently, industrial and commercial personnel investigated and dealt with the relevant businesses

at the scene, the paint marked with "Dulux" trademark in the four shops was neatly placed on the floor. After "2. Economy: judging from the previous and current situation, the technical personnel of duluxpro paint manufacturer have doubled the demand for vanadium in the future. These are infringing goods

industrial and commercial law enforcement officers immediately detained the "Dulux" trademark paint suspected of infringement. The case is under further investigation

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