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China Resources paint made great contributions to its 30th anniversary: six new black technology products such as Jingwei Pro were launched in Shenzhen furniture exhibition! Wanren dianzan online live studio

great contribution to the 30th anniversary of China Resources paint: six new black technology products such as Jingwei Pro were launched in Shenzhen furniture exhibition! 10000 people liked the online live studio, paint,

China Resources paint's 30th anniversary ingenuity: six new black technology products such as Jingwei Pro were launched in Shenzhen furniture exhibition! Ten thousand people like the online live studio

March 19, 2021

return from the epidemic, restart freshmen, and a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle has become a national consensus. From March 17 to 21, 2021, China Resources paint, together with the new trend of environmental black technology and painting, made a strong landing at the 36th Shenzhen furniture exhibition, enjoying a clean and comfortable home with hundreds of thousands of visitors online and offline

the China Resources paint booth is located in hall 2. The design is simple and fashionable. A touch of fresh green runs through the hall, highlighting vitality everywhere. The round and open appearance structure is unique. The round is both the end and the starting point, implying that China Resources paint has endless technology in the field of technology, and also shows the beauty of natural harmony

the six major coating black technologies are grandly launched. Your aspiration is that our efforts are located in the production base of high-end power lithium batteries. Indeed, dangsheng technology also expressed in a recent research activity that in order to reach the life you yearn for, we will carry out endless exploration of coating technology

Mr. Wu Zhonghua (fifth from the left), Vice President/general manager of the Asia Pacific region of Xuanwei industrial wood coatings division, brought the management of the Asia Pacific region to guide the work.

Professor Peng Liang (middle), and Mr. Huang Weiye (second from the right), chairman of Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, visited the booth to guide the work.

under the trend of healthy consumption, Jingwei Pro Series, a new heavy product for the 30th anniversary of China Resources Coatings, became the focus of the audience as soon as it was launched. Bring people physical and mental healing with the temperature of science and technology, and restore a fresh and pure lifestyle. This series of products are created by Xuanwei's powerful R & D expert team. The odor is rated as grade 1 by Xuanwei China Resources odor evaluation center. The whole line of products have passed the rigorous ten ring standard certification. A total of 8 main products of transparent and white series were launched simultaneously

the newly designed special packaging for Jingwei products, with green as the main color tone, forest and gold decorative lines as the design elements, combined with the exclusive seal design of Jingwei Pro logo, gives people an impression of environmental protection, high-end and professionalism, which fully conforms to the market positioning and new environmental protection propositions of Jingwei Pro products

leading technology leads people back to nature, back to the original beauty, and audiences rush to experience

solve the puzzle of space odor and start an unprecedented journey of odor science. The odor experience area specially designed by Xuanwei China Resources odor evaluation center is full of enthusiasm, and the audience is enthusiastic. They are eager to be odor evaluators, breaking through cognition in interesting interactions

Xuanwei China Resources odor evaluation center is a leading professional organization focusing on odor evaluation, detection, analysis and research. Scientific and rigorous odor analysis, research and evaluation system, innovative odor value-added services, create a precedent in the industry, fill the gap in the industry, help customers solve odor problems from the professional perspective of paint, and help consumers create a pleasant experience of living and working environment

on March 17, at the 2021 home supply chain "innovation technology award" award ceremony and the special conference of innovation technology optimization library held at the forum 2d09 in hall 2 of Shenzhen furniture exhibition. China Resources coatings was awarded the founding member of the home supply chain innovation technology professional committee of Shenzhen home industry association, and Jingwei Pro Series pm9053 won the "2021 Innovation Technology Award"

Mr. zhangzhongming, marketing director of Xuanwei industrial wood coatings Asia Pacific region, was invited to deliver a keynote speech titled "clean taste quality challenges your sense of smell" at the special press conference of Chuang technology optimization library. From the perspective of smell science, he shared the relationship between smell and smell, the feelings and challenges brought by smell with the on-site guests, and discussed how to build a sense of smell brand through smell, open up a new competitive track, and benefit the on-site guests a lot

adhering to the spirit of Italian craftsman, the performance is improved again, super scratch resistant, showing the true nature of wood, showing the tightening movement of various springs, elastomers, elastic components, light luxury quality experience, and a perfect interpretation of high-end Pu Italian technology

products have passed the highest level of bio based sustainability certification in the United States, reducing the consumption of earth resources and achieving sustainable development

the product has antibacterial function and meets the national standard. It can inhibit bacteria and sterilize, and guard health with peace of mind

with strong adhesion and super scratch resistance, PVC flooring is reborn

LED light curing technology is adopted, so no ozone is generated during construction, which is efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly

the six (3) bio based chemical fiber coating black technology deduces six kinds of quality life. The professional audience of on-site experience consultation is endless, and they unanimously give high praise to the leading scientific and technological strength of China Resources Coatings

capture the design trend, look for the inspiration for new product development, and the release of four series of trend schemes of fashion coating color includes: naturalism, stretching space, two pillar distance (mm): 450 neutral thinking, simple elements, mindfulness cognition, combined with international home fashion trends and new consumer advocates, personalized interpretation of the temptation of wood lighting, especially welcomed by furniture designers, has become a hot punch point at the exhibition site

360 degree exhibition experience, so you don't miss every wonderful place. We are looking forward to your visit and enjoy the new experience of healthy home life brought by paint black technology with you

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