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The 33rd stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" entered Yunnan

the 33rd stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" entered Yunnan

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in this season of flowers in full bloom, 2017 Shantui's customer care trip activity with the theme of "starting from the heart and achieving value" came to "the south of clouds" --- Yunnan Province

the first stop of this visit is Germany. The middle management is the enterprise resource management system and manufacturing information system, Hongzhou Longchuan, Yingjiang Mangshi and other places. Dehong Prefecture is located in the east of Yunnan Province, with a dangerous terrain, and the tourism industry is rising. Due to traffic congestion, roads are being built in many areas

the first user visited has purchased many devices of Shantui since 2016. From the initial purchase of two road rollers and one bulldozer with a tentative attitude, to the surprise and recognition in the use process, and the subsequent addition of two mountain pushing equipment. During the communication, users gave high comments on the use and after-sales service of Shantui equipment. At the same time, in view of the weak forward gear of the roller gearbox reported by users, technicians adjusted the clutch and selected the splint according to the size of the test piece, so that the problem could be solved in time. Then, the service staff patiently explained to him the matters needing attention in the usual operation process

during the visit, the service team communicated enthusiastically with customers, provided users with as much technical support as possible, and helped users solve existing problems. One company, which is building roads in Pu'er, has purchased dozens of loaders and three rollers from Shantui. When we walked into the construction site, we first saw several busy Shantui equipment. The customer was full of praise for the efficiency, flexibility, stability and high cost performance of Shantui equipment, and asked the technicians about the state III engine. In addition to inspecting and maintaining the equipment, the visiting group introduced the configuration of the national III engine, and finally showed the operation steps and precautions

through this visit, the problems encountered by customers in the operation process were solved, and the status of Shantui brand in customers' hearts was improved. In the future, we will be more confident and motivated to do a good job in the host, accessories and services, and constantly improve the popularity and coverage of Shantui brand in Yunnan

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