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The 350000 ton glass fiber project in Jiujiang Economic Development Zone can be put into trial production in the near future.

since the commencement, signing, completion and production ceremony of 36 projects in Jiujiang Economic Development Zone was held on September 26, two months of welding strength experiments have passed, which are mainly used for large-size, high-strength ship steel plates and other materials. It is understood that the project construction in the development zone is in full swing, and the major projects are advancing orderly and smoothly

at the end of October, the Haitian equipment manufacturing project covering an area of 197 Mu has started construction, and the pile foundation work can be completed by the end of November; The long-term wind power project, covering an area of 340 Mu and with a total investment of 2billion yuan, is a production line project of wind turbines and key parts and equipment with an annual output of more than 1.5 MW. At present, the enterprise registration has been completed, the transfer, leveling, geological exploration, power supply, water supply of the project land and the submission for approval of the project plan have also been completed, and 10 construction teams have entered the construction site this month; Xuyang redI polysilicon slicing project started in 2008. Since it was officially put into operation on September 4 this year, five ingot furnaces in workshop 1 have been put into operation, four wire saws in workshop 2 have started slicing production, workshop 3 has been basically completed, decoration works are being done, and the construction of sewage treatment station has also started. The project strives to reach a capacity of 100 MW by the end of the year

in the project of returning to the city and entering the park in our city, the 350000 ton glass fiber project completed the first phase of 95000 square meters of combined workshop and corresponding supporting civil works at the end of June, the tower warehouse has been installed, the water supply station has been basically completed, the comprehensive building has been capped, and trial production can be carried out in the near future; Another project, the Defu electrolytic copper foil project, is located in the automobile industrial park, with a land area of 150 mu and a total investment of 150million yuan. At present, the independent foundation of the plant has been completed, and the main plant project is in progress

it is understood that among the 36 projects that started, signed, and completed and put into operation on September 26, 15 projects were started, with a total investment of 8.06 billion yuan; There are 9 signed projects with a total investment of 1.41 billion yuan; 12 projects have been completed and put into operation, with a total investment of 6billion yuan. Among these projects, first, there are many large projects, including 4 with an investment of more than 1.5 billion yuan and 4 with an investment of more than 600million yuan; Second, there are many high-tech projects involving new energy, new materials, automobile and spare parts, electronic industry and other fields, which not only further improve the industrial chain of Jiujiang Economic Development Zone, but also have strong growth and driving force; Third, the economic benefits are good. After all 36 projects are completed and put into operation, the development stamina of the development zone will be greatly enhanced

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