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The 300000 ton chlorination titanium dioxide production line of Lomon Bailian Group was launched

the 300000 ton chlorination titanium dioxide production line of Lomon Bailian Group was launched

May 23, 2019

will double the chlorination capacity of China, and Lomon Bailian will become the first in Asia

on May 21, the launch ceremony of the 300000 ton/year chlorination titanium dioxide production line of Lomon Bailian Group was held in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. The opening of this production line will increase the annual production capacity of the company's titanium dioxide to 950000 tons, ranking first in Asia and in the forefront of the world. At the same time, it will increase the proportion of domestic titanium dioxide production process by chlorination and improve the green level of the titanium dioxide industry

according to fan Xianguo, President of longmang Bailian Group Co., Ltd., the overall capacity of domestic chlorinated titanium dioxide in 2018 was 200000 tons, and the actual output was only more than 100000 tons of paint. After the 300000 t/a chlorination production line of longmang Bailian is put into operation, the total capacity of domestic chlorination process will be doubled, and the scale gap with sulfuric acid process will be gradually narrowed. According to the current commissioning situation, by the end of this year, the production capacity of longmang Bailian chlorination method will release 150000-200000 tons in total. It is expected that the production capacity of 300000 tons of chlorination method will be reached next year. Through the use of relevant products before, downstream customers have had good acceptance and satisfaction with longmang Bailian chlorination products

Xu Gang, chairman of the company, said that longmang Bailian Group first introduced titanium dioxide production technology in 1988. After more than 30 years of development, it has formed Henan Jiaozuo, Sichuan Deyang, Panzhihua, three provinces, four places and five major titanium dioxide industrial bases, such as Xiangyang, Hubei. In 2015, the 60000 ton/year chlorination titanium dioxide project of Henan Bailian, the predecessor of longmang Bailian, was successfully put into operation, making the company the only large titanium dioxide production enterprise in China that has both sulfuric acid and chlorination processes

Xu Gang said that in the future, longmang Bailian will connect with the international mainstream process technology, vigorously develop the chlorination process, expand the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and accelerate the research and industrialization process of the upstream domestic titanium resource chlorination application related technology. At the same time, accelerate the construction layout of downstream high-purity sponge titanium and high-end titanium alloy new material projects. At present, relevant strategic plans are being implemented in an orderly manner

as for the market situation of titanium dioxide, the chairman of the Council of Titanium Dioxide Branch of China paint industry association and Benliu said that at present, the international market demand for titanium dioxide is good, and the number of domestic titanium dioxide exports has repeatedly reached new highs. In 2018, China's export of titanium dioxide reached a record high, reaching 908300 tons, an increase of 9.3% year-on-year. India, Brazil and other developing countries have become the main force of titanium dioxide demand growth due to the continuous acceleration of economic development. At the same time, China's titanium dioxide export to the United States is not directly affected by the trade war. The markets of emerging economies, including BRICs countries, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, are also potential export markets for enterprises to choose

compared with the traditional sulfuric acid titanium dioxide production process, the chlorination process has the advantages of short process flow, high automation, low environmental pollution and good product quality. From the perspective of green development, it is a better choice. However, since we should first browse the "operation manual" and then check whether the accessories, tools and accompanying documents are complete according to the packing list, titanium dioxide produced by chlorination has high requirements on raw materials and is highly dependent on imports, and the cost of safety and environmental protection is high, the domestic production by chlorination accounts for a relatively low proportion, and the technology needs to break through the blockade

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