The 30th international machine tool mould and plas

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The 30th international machine tool mould and plastic exhibition will be held in Kunshan on August 25th

[the 30th international machine tool mould and plastic exhibition will be held on August 25th]

exhibition Name: 2018 China Kunshan 30th international machine tool mould and plastic exhibition

exhibition date: August 25th, 2018 - August 27th, 2018

registration deadline: July 31st, 2018

exhibition venue (exhibition hall) : Kunshan International Exhibition Center

organizer: Kunshan hardware and Electromechanical chamber of Commerce Shanghai lianxun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

organizer: Shanghai lianxun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

support co organizer: Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Kunshan National high tech Zone, Kunshan Export Processing Zone, Kunshan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Kunshan Mold Industry Association, Kunshan Plastic Industry Association, Kunshan mechanical processing industry Kunshan robot industry base of the association

exhibition information

Kunshan industrial background analysis:

in 2017, Kunshan's GDP exceeded 350billion yuan, an increase of 7% over the previous year; The general public budget revenue was 35.25 billion yuan, an increase of 10.51%. Its transparency is better than that of polyethylene and polypropylene%; The investment in fixed assets of the whole society was 75.8 billion yuan, unchanged from the previous year; The total retail sales of social consumer goods was 93.5 billion yuan, an increase of 14.7 percent; The total import and export volume was 80billion US dollars, an increase of 10.7%; The per capita disposable income of residents was 50000 yuan, an increase of 7.9%. Kunshan ranks among the "four firsts" of the top 100 counties and cities in terms of comprehensive strength, investment potential, innovation and entrepreneurship, and new urbanization quality in China, ranking first among the top 100 counties and cities in China for 13 consecutive years. It has been ranked the first among the "top 30 best county-level cities" of Forbes China. In 2017, Kunshan made breakthroughs in economic development and its leading industries continued to grow. The investment in major industrial projects was 16.8 billion yuan

the investment in high-tech industries and emerging industries was 14billion yuan and 20billion yuan, and the output value accounted for 46% and 46.3% of the above designated industries. A number of benchmark projects such as Zhongke Shuguang, LanChi technology, Foxconn investment package and phase II have been successfully introduced. Wistron, Shishuo, Qiu Ti and giant increased their capital by nearly US $1.5 billion. Qimei's high-end polarizer production line has achieved mass production, and the world's first ultra wide polarizer production line has started construction

prepare and implement the five-year development plan for the integrated circuit industry. The small nucleic acid and biomedical industrial base has been approved as a characteristic industrial base of the national torch plan. Huawei Sinosoft International Intelligent Manufacturing ecological enabling center started construction. The investment in the "machine replacement" and automatic production projects was 12.3 billion yuan. The robot and intelligent manufacturing industry achieved a main business income of 36.5 billion yuan, an increase of 19.3%. The 30th China Kunshan international machinery and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition 2018 will be grandly held in Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center on August. As the first and only professional machinery exhibition held in Kunshan region, which was founded in 2001, the exhibition is dedicated to the 30th China Kunshan international machine tool mould and plastic exhibition 2018, and the 4th China Kunshan international industrial robot and intelligent equipment exhibition 2018, 2018 China Kunshan 4th laser welding and cutting equipment exhibition and other three theme exhibition areas are expected to have 500 exhibitors, an exhibition area of 12000 square meters, 30000 visitors, and a transaction volume of 1billion yuan. Upstream and downstream enterprises in the machinery manufacturing industry, industry associations, and scientific research institutes are welcome to participate in this exhibition and participate in the grand event

exhibition schedule:

1. Exhibitors' registration and arrangement time: August, 2018 2. Visitors' visit to the exhibition time: August, 2018

3. Exhibition withdrawal time: 12:30 noon on August 27, 2018

exhibition scope:

CNC machine tools, mold manufacturing, workload blades, plastic machinery, industrial robots, intelligent equipment, laser welding and cutting equipment, etc.

exhibition expenses:

1 International standard booth (3 meters x 3 meters): 6800 yuan/bare ground (36 square meters from rent): 700 yuan/square meter

2, three-phase electricity, Handling charges (charged separately according to regulations)

[Roma first appeared at the "2018 Beijing international automobile manufacturing and industrial assembly Expo"] Roma, a world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer, first appeared at the "2018 Beijing international automobile manufacturing and industrial assembly Expo" (Booth No.: hall 2 T213) held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing on July 19-21, 2018. With the concept of "using semiconductors to contribute to the future of cars", it has brought leading semiconductor products such as new energy vehicles, car miniaturization and lightweight, automatic driving, human-computer interaction and so on

in the special exhibition area of "formula e FIA Formula e championship" and the three exhibition areas of "xev", "environmental protection/energy saving" and "safety/comfort", the following products and technologies are mainly displayed:

Advanced SiC (silicon carbide) technology: help "formula e FIA Formula e championship"

Roma is in the leading position in the field of SiC power components. As the official technical partner of venturiformulaeteam, the top racing team of electric racing, it has provided the world's advanced SiC power components for inverter, the core driving component of the racing car, since the third season opened on October 9, 2016. In the third season, we provided diode (SiC SBD), and from the fourth season, we provided "all SiC" power module integrating transistor and diode. Compared with the inverter in the second season without SiC, it has successfully achieved 43% miniaturization and 6kg lightweight. This time, the inverter model equipped with Roma's SiC power components was specially exhibited

"formula e FIA electric formula championship" special exhibition area

ultra high speed pulse control technology: realize the miniaturization of mild hybrid electric vehicles and the simplification of the system

Roma launched the built-in MOSFET step-down dc/dc converter bd9v100muf-c with high step-down ratio under 2MHz working (SWITCHING) conditions required by automobiles for 48V power supply driven on-board systems such as mild hybrid electric vehicles. The product is equipped with nanopulsecontrol, which combines the advantages of three cutting-edge analog technologies of ROM's circuit design, layout and process. When 2MHz is working, the high voltage input of 60V can output a low voltage of 2.5V (step-down ratio of 24 to 1). This can not only miniaturize the peripheral components, but also realize the miniaturization of the application and the simplification of the system by using the high and low voltage conversion structure composed of more than two power supply ICs in the past. Now, only one power supply IC is needed

demonstration of step-down dc/dc converter equipped with ultra-high speed pulse control technology

small and efficient vehicle power IC: make the safe driving assistance module smaller and energy-saving

bd9s series is a super small vehicle step-down dc/dc converter with output monitoring function, with small volume, high efficiency and high reliability. It is helpful to promote the development of sensors, cameras and radars of ADAS (advanced driving assistance system), which require miniaturization, energy saving and high reliability

on board operational amplifier without anti-noise interference Design: successfully solve the noise problem in the development of automotive electronic system

on board grounding operational amplifier ba8290xyxx-c series is developed for ev/hev engine and other core systems and automotive electronic systems using on-board sensors. Compared with general products, the output voltage variation in all frequency bands is ± 3.5% ~ ± 10%, and this product is only within ± 1%, It is an operational amplifier with absolute advantages in anti noise performance, which helps to simplify the design and improve the reliability of the increasingly popular on-board sensor applications

demonstration of grounding operational amplifier for vehicle

chipset for vehicle mounted HD LCD panel: prevent major accidents from happening

this chipset is composed of grid driver, source driver, timing controller (t-con) that can drive the highest level hd/fhd HD HD LCD panel in the industry, as well as power management IC (PMIC) and gamma correction IC that make these devices reach the best operating state. By sharing information between these ICs at any time, functional safety is successfully introduced into the components used for LCD panels, realizing the high quality pursued by cars. This chipset is also applicable to the LCD panel of speedometer and rearview mirror, which will lead to major accidents in case of failure

car HD LCD panel demonstrates with chipset

high brightness red LEDs completely free of silver: prevent vulcanization of automotive brake lights and improve long-term reliability

automotive brake lights are increasingly using LED lights. In order to reduce the number of LEDs, the demand for high brightness products is rising day by day. On the other hand, in the application of automotive and industrial equipment using electronic products in harsh environments, the vulcanization problem of metal material corrosion caused by environmental factors has become the main cause of aging, and preventing vulcanization has become an indispensable part to ensure reliability. The new product sml-y18u2t uses other materials such as gold to replace the silver used in the previous chip bonding solder paste and framework, realizing a complete silver free. This eliminates the phenomenon of LED brightness attenuation caused by silver corrosion, and can improve the reliability of application

high brightness red LED demonstration completely silver free

"Beijing international automobile manufacturing and industrial assembly Expo" was founded in 2007, enjoying a good reputation in the industry, and is known as the wind vane of the pre market in the automotive field. With the theme of "assembling sophisticated equipment to create the source of high-quality cars", build a "one-stop" procurement platform for China's automobile manufacturing industry chain

["2018 International Forum on Key Technologies of new energy vehicles" kicked off at China Automotive Research Institute] the circle of friends in these two days have been brushed by Chongqing blue. The blue sky appears frequently. It is a new energy vehicle represented by pure electric vehicles, and its contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction is also indispensable. The development of new energy vehicle technology is becoming one of the most powerful weapons for mankind to win the blue sky defense war

On July 19, the "2018 International Forum on Key Technologies of new energy vehicles" hosted by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Automotive Research) kicked off in Chongqing. Including Wang Binggang, the leader of the national new energy vehicle innovation engineering expert group, Dr. Zhou Zhou, the deputy general manager of the China Academy of automotive engineering, Dr. Wang Quanlu, the director of the American energy foundation, sandymunro, the "father of lean design" in the United States, and Mr. Tang Tian, the general manager of the Beijing Branch of Toyota Motor Research and development center, 18 technical experts and academic masters from home and abroad shared the new achievements in the field of global automotive new energy technology New trends and numerous black technologies

this forum is composed of a high-level international conference and a professional technical training. On the 19th, the first international conference was held with the theme of "discussing evaluation control technology to help nev quality in the future". During the two-day meeting, new energy vehicle technology experts from the national electric vehicle alliance, FAW, Chang'an, BAIC, China Automotive Research Institute, keliyuan, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of technology, Jilin University, as well as Argonne laboratory in the United States, Turin University of technology in Italy, and Toyota in Japan will make wonderful academic reports around the theme of the meeting, and combine the hot spots, focuses, and pain points of the industry, Interact with the audience

the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between the national big data alliance of new energy vehicles and China Automotive Research Institute was also held at the scene. Under the guidance of the cooperation agreement, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of new energy vehicles in the future

entrusted by the sponsor China automotive research, from Italy

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